Monday, September 24, 2012

Installing Windows Phone SDK on Windows 8 RC1


In this blog I’ll tell you about little issue that occurred to me during installation of Windows Phone SDK on Windows 8 RC1. Since it could happen to anyone running Win8 RC I thought it would be a good idea to share this tip.

Since I have already had installed Visual Studio on my PC, I went to Windows Phone Dev Center and downloaded the last version of Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1. After that, I started the installation but than the error message occurred: “KB2669191 does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer”.

What is causing the error?

During installation, XNA Game Studio tries to install a version of the Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable. The system reacts with the previously mentioned error since the install process wants to replace a file with an older version. So, the main reason of this compatibility issue is that the Win8 comes with the newer version of Games for Windows.


If you preinstall the the new version of Games for Windows before WP SDK, install process will recognize his presence and use the new version instead the old one. So, basic workaround is this:

1. Install the new version of Games for Windows from the XBOX site

2. Download and install WP SDK 7.1.1

3. Download and install WP SDK 7.1.1 Update (recommended)

After you did these steps you are ready to go.

Launch your Visual Studio and in File->New->Project you should see the next screen:

WP7 projects

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