Thursday, June 21, 2012

Create your resource’s icons for Android app with ease



Android Asset Studio is a part of android-ui-utils project and in essence it is a web site that provides you online tool for generating necessary icons for buttons or menus. This service allows you to automatically and rapidly generate required icons in all sizes you need, and by that you can save a lot of time.


If you visit Android Asset Studio web site you will notice two parts. Icon generators contains several categories that allow you to generate icons for particular purpose.


Using foreground option you can upload image, use default clipart icons or use text as icon foreground.
Also, you can adjust padding by using percentage scroll to determine width of image margins.
Besides, you can also adjust background shape and color.

After you adjusted your icon look, you can download single image in desired dpi or you can download .zip file that will contain “res” folder with photos of all image sizes.

The second part contains nice online tool called Device frame generators for wrapping your previously taken screenshots of mobile screen. You can use it if you just need to create a couple of screen images to assemble screen flow for your mobile app usage scenario. In this case you will be provided better context for your frames which can be pretty handy. It also allows you to use correct screen resolutions for particular devices. Only requirement is that your image is in exact resolution as it is specified for particular device.




  • Drag&drop image to area for wanted mobile device. Notice that you will need to use image that has exactly the same size as a mobile device’s screen size.



  • After image is loaded you can export it back to your desktop by using drag&drop.

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